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IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)


(Dean Smith) #381

Just so you are aware… This is now nothing to do with Smartthings. ST have fixed the issue on their side. Its now down to those 3rd parties that you’ve mentioned to update their side with the new fix.

with regards to harmony, you can actually now get ST to harmony integration working, but not the other way round,

(S mcg) #382

At my company, we partner with many technology vendors. If we need our partners to make a change, we pick up the phone and say “Hey, our customers are getting hit by this, can you push it through ASAP”. There is no change that should take months to fix in this day and age.

If the partner has no intention of fixing it on their end, perhaps because they have no vested interest in the UK market, SmartThings should not be advertising them as functional third party services.

It has everything to do with SmartThings.

“You can actually now get ST to harmony integration working”

No, I really can’t

(Dean Smith) #383

You have a point - However, you still are bound by the time they take, but I admit it shouldn’t really be advertised as working if it is not. (But the 3rd party could also state this too)

All I can say to this is … Well I can.

(Giles Houghton) #384

I think the issue is that ST have fixed this defect with a kludge.

AFAIK it’s not normal for the OAuth client (e.g. Harmony) to need to integrate with two provider APIs, depending on user location. This places a burden, and support complexity, onto every single integrating client. Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc do not do this. They manage this within their cloud infrastructure and provide a single URL to clients.

SmartThings do not do this.

If I was building a platform such as Harmony, I’d be having a think now about how and if I wanted to play ball. As SmartThings rolls out to new geographies, presumably this problem just grows, and more complexity is added to each client. Architecturally, this doesn’t feel right.

(S mcg) #385

I’m trying to connect some Belkin switches. I can’t find Belkin anywhere in the ‘things’. In fact, all I can find is Aeon Labs. I click switches, Aeon Labs. Dimmers, Aeon Labs, Sensors, Aeon Labs. Why is Belkin not appearing anywhere?


Wemo switches?

You’ll need to create your own custom smart app to get them work. Hope you weren’t expecting things to work with ST in the UK.

(S mcg) #387

“Hope you weren’t expecting things to work with ST in the UK”

Haha, you know what… I was expecting things to work with smartthings. How could I have been so foolish.

Have ST made any announcement in terms of introducing the same capabilities that ST US has? At the moment, it seems like Aeon Labs, Samsung, Sonos, and Philips are the only fully integrated solutions.

Is that going to change or does the east need to be done by the dev community?

(Dean Smith) #388

Sonos “DID” work in the UK. Its been removed now :wink:

(Peter Major) #389

Ah so Sonos isn’t working in the UK ATM? Glad you said that I was about to go out and buy a unit this weekend…


Much like everything else you need a custom device type to make it work in the UK. Smartthings really is not designed for consumers in the UK. It’s for people who have time to read forums and tinker.

That being said, I have my sonos working with Smartthings.

(Tim Flinders) #391

I’m in the UK and I’ve had the Harmony Ultimate Remote working perfectly for well over a week. The SmartThings platform connected to Harmony and downloaded the Activities and they appear in the SmartThings App. The integration works a dream the activity that is on is indicated in the SmartThing App.

The integration doesn’t appear to allow control of things like volume but for me the main control is starting and stopping activities.

I think I had to remove the Logitech (Connect) Smart app and then re-add the Logitech device. I deleted the SmartApp from within the My Locations Section and list SmartApps. You need to press Edit to uninstall the apps.

So I can confirm the integration can work and I suspect others will work with a little bit of tinkering.

(Stuart Buchanan) #392

Sonos is working fine for me in the UK


The integration the other way round is far more interesting to me - controlling smartthings devices (or virtual devices) from the remote. Triggering an activity to start from an app I could do in the Harmony app, unless you are triggering from something smartthings? I don’t understand the value on its own, interested though…

(Klas) #394

Anyone knows if Amazon Echo is being worked on for us UK users?

When I read about oauth being dependent on region I got pretty depressed. Would that mean that Amazon Echo and other devices that actually can work outside US but may not be sold there will not work because the company (e.g. Amazon) has no incentive to update to additional oauth regions?

(Tim Flinders) #395

Yep completely understand and as you say going from Harmony to control SmartThings currently doesn’t work in the UK. I think though that is actually something that Logitech will need to change post SmartThings putting the UK fixes in place.

I assume you are looking for this to control a sequence of events when you activate say a home cinema or something. You could get other things to fire when you selected the Activity in SmartThings app by using a SmartApp like RuleMachine that is being worked in the community.

I did try this by activating an activity on the remote with RuleMachine installed and assumed the status change in SmartThing would activate the event but unfortunately the delay is too long as it polls logitech. But activating in SmartThings the other things happened immediately. This may be no interest but thought I would mention it.

(Tim Flinders) #396

I suspect because you can’t buy the Echo outside of the US yet that might be a sticking point, so no one working on it outside of Amazon I would guess.

That might actually mean good news when they do because they might build for us rather than it being a pre-existing integration that is broken.

(Giles Houghton) #397

I still can’t believe that SmartThings’ strategic cloud solution involves forcing all clients who want to integrate with them to write bespoke workflows in their UIs where the user has to specify a region.

I’ve never seen this before, and it’s going to put us all on the backfoot in the UK.

If I were Samsung, I’d want to maximise the number of integrations to maximise the number of sales, and that would involve a better OAuth solution than the one currently provided to make it more straightforward for integrators. This isn’t difficult.

(Tim Flinders) #398

My take on this isn’t that this isn’t a bespoke workflow it is actually potentially reading the callback correctly. From my understanding the Oauth stuff all takes place against but our devices are on the UK server It would be very easy for the third party to assume the graph address is set in stone when they first wrote the integration but actually they need to read that on a callback or something.

This is my theory and therefore once the third party makes the change any new regions in the future would work.

(Peter Richardson) #399

Hi guys - interested that some of you have sonos working - I haven’t! Are you just using the standard official apps? I’ve had bigtalker working so I know my sonos system (play 5, playbar and zp something - 120 maybe) can all handle it.

Just want to be able to get a weather forecast going through it or welcome someone home (ie something to make the wife think the initial ST outlay was a good idea after yet another day of messages saying ‘the lighting come on when I came home even though it’s 2pm. It said you were an intruder when you left this morning.’ even though I am 100% certain on my logic that it should all run fine! (using the awesome rule machine app) Grrr.

(Brice; #400

Just to clarify some points here, as a developer that has made changes to make a third-party solution work in multiple regions:

Its not the case that they need to integrate with different APIs depending on user location, and that it adds more complexity as more geographies are added. The problem was that the initial design was not setup to support multiple locations, so a change was required on the backend that also required a change to all third-party integrations. This is why a rewrite is required now, but it should be the only change needed, even if they add many new locations. In summary, they messed up originally, but going forward, it should be good.

Third parties that are adding UI to have the user select a region are probably not integrating the official way, but instead using the OAuth backdoor that will eventually stop working. If the third party app goes through the official approval process, it will work everywhere and having the user select the location is not necessary.

oAuth Issues all cloud to cloud integrations broken (02/05/16)