IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)

I did manage to get Netatmo (Weatherstation) to connect to UK hub/account whilst I was still using my SmartThings Hub (boxed up for return now). If anyone is interested in also trying to do this let me know and I’ll try and recall how I did it. What I do know is that the method didn’t work for anything else Oauth, only Netatmo.

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Take a look at the logs. You can clearly see the hub talking to the Hue bridge over the local network. SmartThings does not even have my Hue Credentials.

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To clarify (hopefully)… Philips has two options in their app to control the bridge - LAN and cloud. To use their cloud integration you need to create an account on Philips website. The SmartThings-Hue integration uses the LAN (which is why you do not need a SmartThings and Hue account).


Excellent, thanks for the correction! As you know, this integration has changed a couple of times, and I link my Hue bridge to so many different outside services, I may just gotten confused.

The main point is still that the Smartthings/Hue integration is working in the UK and is not affected by the OAuth problem. :sunglasses:

Just a heads-up that I am also part of the aforementioned ‘Insiders Panel’. We are invited to partake in trials of products from mobile phones and tech to dog food and air humidity removers. I was particularly interested in taking part in this research as I am very involved in cutting edge technology, but I have been a panel member for years. I was lucky enough to have been chosen, however the panel is less about testing the product and more about reviewing it and getting public interaction.

I found this post yesterday evening (my SmartThings pack arrived yesterday at about 4) after both IFTTT and Sharp Tools failed in authentication.

It does seem odd that they would send out these review packs in the UK when such an important aspect is missing. We are explicitly asked to talk publicly about our experiences, which seems like a bad marketing plan at the moment. We are in fact only given 6 weeks to trial the product! I’m happy to wait for a week or so for the UK product to be fixed but after that it will be hard to express an opinion without this really overshadowing the entire process. It really is a huge part of the product.

As a very, very simple example, turning off my lamp requires starting up the SmartThings app (that seemingly crashes at least a few times a day based on my experience) clicking through to my location, my room, scrolling to the device and then finally clicking the light itself. I could turn the darn thing off manually more easily than that. If IFTTT was working, DO Button would let me turn it off from a widget on my home screen and be SO much faster and easier (and less likely to crash).

As I say, I’m willing to hold off for a short while (you guys evidently have been waiting for this for a while longer!) but am unwilling to lie and say that everything works if it simply is unfinished by the end of the trial period.


SmartThings has its own widgets, so you can do that even without the IFTTT integration working.

There are literally about a dozen different ways to make things happen in smart things without having to navigate to the individual thing page. But finding them is not all that intuitive.

The following topic (this is a clickable link) may help.

I had indeed found the widget on Android. Unfortunately it seems it has a minimum of 4x4 size and is mainly concerned with a list of options (turn light on then another to turn light off) rather than allowing a single important 1x1 on/off button. Maybe I have missed a setting but where home automation is involved, the solution needs to be as ubiquitous as it possibly can be and highly customisable.

However, this was simply an example. There are a number of more complex tasker profiles that I have in mind which are currently impossible.


Another disappointed new customer, ifttt is the most generic integration to control anything how can a home automation system not support it out of the box?


Supporting IFTTT integration is a choice. A number of home automation systems choose not to do that because they don’t want to be dependent on an Internet connection for their systems to run.

In the US, for example, Staples connect made stability and reliability their top priorities, because their target market is small businesses. They do not offer an IFTTT channel because they feel it would introduce unpredictability and they want their system to run even if internet connection is lost.

Other systems feel their customers understand that automation will only be available if the Internet connection is live, and they want to leverage the third-party options available with an IFTTT connection. So you get good systems that go either way with it. Choice is good.

Of course trying to support it but having it broken is an entirely different situation.

Exactly my thoughts. If it wasn’t an option it wouldn’t be a problem, although I would be far less interested in using a platform that didn’t allow interoperability.


Quite poor to see this still isn’t working when the issue was raised a month ago, I’m looking to be able to use either IFTTT or SharpTools in order to better integrate. I’d be even more annoyed if I’d paid full price for this and wasn’t testing it for ‘TheInsiders’


The more I delve in to SmartThings, the more disappointed I become. It’s bad enough that the smart things android app is that weak that I want to try third party apps, but frustrating when the apps don’t work due to yet more evidence that we’re being used to beta test the system.

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@Aaron, how about a free sensor voucher for all the UK early adopters who persevere with you guys?

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I wish I could be the biggest baller on the forums and give everyone a free sensor. I don’t have the power… but if I did there is a 100% guarantee that I would treat it like Oprah.




Thanks Aaron, and while you are Oprahing out free sensors please can i have a keyboard as well ?? i laughed at your reply and now mines full of coffee…

Dang it…

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the computer-kind or the piano-kind?

Also, I only use US keyboards - which have the @ symbol above 2 - and is surprisingly annoying when typing on a British laptop. Also, I don’t have a £ sign by default.


@Aaron - have you formally and officially asked? Whilst it is a generous offer for you personally try to give us all sensors, I think its fair to say we are asking SmartThings management to address this and id hope they would have the power. Perhaps an official response from management on the back of the feedback here in the various threads would be appropriate? I have suggested this approach, and in recent days have seen separate and unrelated requests from at least 2 or 3 other users affected by OAuth.

For SmartThings to offer a gesture at this stage may save lots of refunds, bad press & a stalled launch. Whilst there is a cost in say a free sensor or plug (ideally both!! ;)…oh and a taco! )… i am 99% certain the cost of this would be less than the cost of processing returns, certifying returns and selling on as open box / re certified. Not to mention some positive press from users who when OAuth is resolved will have more use cases and items in their eco systems to talk about… Its less about not making a small markup on a £35 sensor &/or £45 plug… but more about having some customers who are invested into the platform to say good and nice things which will in most circumstances lead other friends / family members to go and get a starter kit… I know this is the goal of the ‘trial’ but if those users do not get chance to try the full potential most will send the kit back and chalk it up as a ‘meh’ product that doesn’t really do anything ‘Smart’.

I was chatting to the ‘SmartThings’ rep in my local store on the weekend and he was pretty livid about the situation. I have left my number with him as he wanted to feed it up internally and hoped the community would be doing the same. Perhaps if you could feed this up on our behalf collectively and the store are also ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ management will listen and go some way to try and keep us all happy and loyal?

As its a new week i’ll try to remain positive (and for what its worth i have extended my device list when in store with more on order) so am becoming more invested into this issue by the day… #optimism


Hey Aaron, I think they’ve put the happy guy on the front end of this, but I agree with @adgwill - I think the community frustration is getting sufficient that it’s going to start costing £££ in both marketing (even as extreme as needing a relaunch), but also in refunds. I think the fact that SmartThings is being drummed so heavily in the UK (PC World have branded all their stores up with your products at the moment), combined with the fact it’s not currently fit for purpose is not acceptable.

The fact that in the UK we cannot use much of the third party software in the eco-system.
The fact that in the UK we cannot properly log in to the web UI

Oh, and my push notifications have stopped coming through since the latest software update - new forum item coming your way soon.


And rather importantly the fact we (like everyone else) cannot add other users to the app at this point which is quite fundamental for most users… i had to smile when i saw the thread with the new online adds all listed… unless the proposed ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ are sharing the same phone the video’s of typical family scenario’s do not work… If these ads air on national tv anytime soon i can see a lot more frustration on the back of the current limitations - especially as the ‘implied’ scenario’s cannot be replicated at home.

Having paid full retail for the starter kit and a couple of overly priced plug sockets to say I feel miss-sold on the product would be an understatement, I initially emailed customer services and had two replies from Tom Lane who has since failed to reply to my last message asking for an update on Oauth and why Smartthings listed Lifx lighting as being compatible prior to my purchase only for it to me removed in the App without notice.

Having now found these forums my impressions are this, the product was not ready for launch backed up by Samsung still giving out kits for testing and developement foc whilst I paid £300, the customer service/forum moderator being of little use other than attempting jokes and posting gifs.

If Apple had bought Smartthings it would of worked.