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IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)


(Will Hogg) #352

I still get the “problem accessing switch” error. Is there something i need to do for it to work?



(Tim Slagle) #353

Did you do a full disconnect and re-connect?

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #354

Great , well done all, working well for me.

Re: Other devices / services that use OAuth… I assume each one will need to be updated. Is there a maintained list, presumably by SmartThings of what works in the UK , what doesn’t and if they are in progress to become working ?


(Will Hogg) #355

Worked a treat - thank you!

(Martin Chinery) #356

Both IFTTT and SharpTools working fine for me now. Well done to everyone for all their efforts.


I know that this has caused consternation for lots of IFTTT users. As a novice I don’t really know what IFTTT can offer to ST users.

Would it be possible on this, or a new, thread for IFTTT users to showcase what they can do with IFTTT please?


What do you use IFTTT for with SmartThings? (Examples and Ideas) 😎

I think a new thread would be best :wink:


Here you go!

The following is a clickable link to a topic in the project section of the forms. You can use this to just enter a brief overview of how you would use IFTTT with SmartThings and give a link to the specific forum topic where you discuss the project/method in detail. :sunglasses:

(Martin Chinery) #360

Any news on the Harmony integration? Would be great if this could be fixed.

Does anyone know if this is on the radar and being worked on?

(Tim Slagle) #361

(Adam V) #362

Thought I’d update the list:

LIFX - Fail, doesn’t even start the smartapp [Manual workaround available]
SmartRules - Fail, comes up with error "client is not associated with a SmartApp in location"
Amazon Echo - Fail, comes up with error "client is not associated with a SmartApp in location"
IFTTT - Pass!
SmartTiles - Pass!

2/5 - not bad… but it would be nice to have the lot working correctly before Xmas!

Smartthings hub 2 - European frequency 868Mhz
(Brice; #363

SmartRules is ready, just waiting for approval!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #364

Thanks for the recognition, Adam! Believe me, we pulled a few all-nighters in our goal to get SmartTiles :uk: UK built and deployed (and stable!) as quickly as possible. We’ve had lots of installs and positive feedback.

(Adam V) #365

@obycode - Great, looking forward to it!

(Steve Bratt) #366

do we know if a LIFX fix is being worked on by them?

  • 1 on getting an update on LIFX


@obycode any update on when the new code will be approved? Really looking forward to trying SmartRules out.

(Tim Slagle) #369

We’re beginning that process :smile:

(Steve Bratt) #370

LIFX bulbs are back in the UK app, and worked perfectly for me, looks like this is resolved too

(Terry Hawkins) #371

I have seen on the community forums here that you can workaround the Harmony issue by creating a location on the US server and copying everything over.

Smartthings support have told me you need a US hub to talk to a US server. Is that the case?

Is there any real reason why I couldn’t just create a location on the US server and set everything up on there? Are there any issues or drawbacks to doing this?