IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)

I still get the “problem accessing switch” error. Is there something i need to do for it to work?



Did you do a full disconnect and re-connect?

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Great , well done all, working well for me.

Re: Other devices / services that use OAuth… I assume each one will need to be updated. Is there a maintained list, presumably by SmartThings of what works in the UK , what doesn’t and if they are in progress to become working ?


Worked a treat - thank you!

Both IFTTT and SharpTools working fine for me now. Well done to everyone for all their efforts.


I know that this has caused consternation for lots of IFTTT users. As a novice I don’t really know what IFTTT can offer to ST users.

Would it be possible on this, or a new, thread for IFTTT users to showcase what they can do with IFTTT please?


I think a new thread would be best :wink:

Here you go!

The following is a clickable link to a topic in the project section of the forms. You can use this to just enter a brief overview of how you would use IFTTT with SmartThings and give a link to the specific forum topic where you discuss the project/method in detail. :sunglasses:

Any news on the Harmony integration? Would be great if this could be fixed.

Does anyone know if this is on the radar and being worked on?


Thought I’d update the list:

LIFX - Fail, doesn’t even start the smartapp [Manual workaround available]
SmartRules - Fail, comes up with error "client is not associated with a SmartApp in location"
Amazon Echo - Fail, comes up with error "client is not associated with a SmartApp in location"
IFTTT - Pass!
SmartTiles - Pass!

2/5 - not bad… but it would be nice to have the lot working correctly before Xmas!

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SmartRules is ready, just waiting for approval!


Thanks for the recognition, Adam! Believe me, we pulled a few all-nighters in our goal to get SmartTiles :uk: UK built and deployed (and stable!) as quickly as possible. We’ve had lots of installs and positive feedback.


@obycode - Great, looking forward to it!

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do we know if a LIFX fix is being worked on by them?

  • 1 on getting an update on LIFX

@obycode any update on when the new code will be approved? Really looking forward to trying SmartRules out.

We’re beginning that process :smile:


LIFX bulbs are back in the UK app, and worked perfectly for me, looks like this is resolved too

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I have seen on the community forums here that you can workaround the Harmony issue by creating a location on the US server and copying everything over.

Smartthings support have told me you need a US hub to talk to a US server. Is that the case?

Is there any real reason why I couldn’t just create a location on the US server and set everything up on there? Are there any issues or drawbacks to doing this?