Ifttt and dashboard not updating

Hey guys does anyone else have an issue with ifttt and dashboard not updating? I have 2 lights set to come on at sunset, when I check the smart things dashboard they show as off. It’s only when i go into the switch and refresh does it show on. Not when I refresh from the dashboard.

Did it ever work, or is this a recent failure?
Does it work if you take IFTTT out of the equation?

If it never worked, then it could be anything… IFTTT, SmartThings, the switch, the device handler, or incorrect detection of your location. If it works outside of IFTTT, that eliminates location, switch, and device handler as possible culprits. You need to take the “divide & conquer” approach to narrow down and troubleshoot these type of issues. Or, if you’re the patient type, you could just open a support ticket and let ST figure it out. :wink:

For some reason this is what happened to me. As such it’s no loss for me as I don’t use it for anything…