IFTTT: Access multiple Hubs/Locations under one ST Account?

I’ve run into the same problem. So I guess there is no workaround for this.

It’s been 6+ years since I’ve requested this feature so I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s a shame.

Is this a Smartthings problem or IFTTT

According to IFTTT, both. Read my response from them above.

First, IFTTT will need a different SmartThings username/password for each location. To create a unique username/password for any given location, setup a dummy SmartThings account and then share the location with it.

Next, each IFTTT account can only handle one SmartThings username/password. So you link locations by linking multiple IFTTT accounts.

To link IFTTT accounts, use webhooks. In the “then that…” account, initiate the recipe with “Webhooks”. And in the “if this…” acount, the recipe should call that webhook.

Awkward, maybe. But it works. Using these two tricks, a condition at one location can trigger an action at another.


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Yes, this can be done.

I have a second location with two Blink camera systems: one for indoor, one for outdoor. I want them both to turn off when I arrive and on when I leave, and additionally I want the outdoor cameras on when that location switches to Night mode when I’m there.

It turns out that TP-Link / Kasa devices show up on both locations when added to one. I have a Kasa 3-outlet power strip. This has three individually controllable outlets. I named one Indoor and one Outdoor (I’m currently not using the third). These devices show up on both my Smartthings locations: the location where the strip is plugged in, and my other (regular home) location, which is the one that’s linked to IFTTT. I then added triggers through IFTTT to switch on or off the Blink systems from my home location, which reports the same status as the location where the power strip actually is.

I’m assuming at some point either TP-Link / Kasa or Smartthings will realize this anomaly and ‘fix’ it, but until then, there’s your solution. The powerstrip was on sale for about $20, and just for good measure I plugged non-sensor LED nightlights into the two ‘security’ outlets as control lights. Those were $4 for two.