IFTT Integration Questions

So… I created an Automation Routine on the SmartThings App… and then I wanted to create an Applet in IFTT.

My problem… is when I am creating an applet… I can only turn on or off a single light at a time using IFTT, and I do not have access to any of the Routines.

For instance… I want to tell Google Assistant, “Goodnight” and then I want SmartThings to run my “Goodnight” Routine (ie. turn off lights, Lock Door, etc…)

Does anyone know if this level of integration is possible?


For IFTTT to run an automation, you could set up a virtual switch and use the Switch Activates Home Phrase app. IFTTT triggers the switch which triggers the Home Phrase.

Sure, but as @Scott_Barton mentioned, you’ll have to create a virtual switch and use a particular smart app to have that run the routine.

It’s exactly the same process for echo, so the following FAQ will give you the exact steps you need.


How do you create the virtual switch? Is that through another app? another product? or is it done through IFTTT?


Login to the IDE webpage, then go to My Devices, then click New Device button. Under Device type select Simulated Switch.

By the way for more advanced simulated stuff, check out the Universal Device Type. But if you can get away with just using a regular Simulated Switch, I’d do that as it runs locally.

Do you know how / have experience setting up a virtual switch?

here is the link to the THINGS that are smart - quick browse, or you can get help on the forum.
What you want to do is very doable!