If you wrote a device type you want to share, read this! 😎


@April has created a new forum subcategory for “community created device types.” :sunglasses: :tada:

I know pretty much everyone will want to keep their actual code in github which is a good thing, but now you can start a topic that explains what the device type is, why it was needed if an official device type also exists, and authors can answer questions and others can suggest forks.

You should be able to move over your existing author threads to the new subcategory if you want to. Or start a new thread if you want to start clean.

My suggestion would be to put the link to your github in the very first post in the thread, that way it’s always easy to find.


I also suggest leaving brainstorming topics that discuss the features of a brand-new device where they are now, in “connected devices”, so that the “device types” projects area is more for finished device types. That will make it easier for people in the future who are looking for working device types.

So when you have a device type you feel ready to share, just start another thread in the new forum subcategory.

This makes me very happy. :blush: I can usually remember what topic a device type was in, but trying to find the specific post in that thread can be very challenging. This should help a lot.

And here’s the link to the FAQ on how to use a custom device type if you find one you want to try. Be sure to read the author’s individual instructions as well.

And if you are a programmer and want to know how to set up your own github so that it is integrated with the SmartThings IDE, see the official developer docs: