If you like manual modes then opt for Smartthings

I’ve been using this product for quite a few years now and witnessed its ups and downs. Since fully migrating to the new app, automations using location that I took for granted a year ago have been eroded to the point that I might as well switch stuff on manually. Location based sensing does not work any more no matter how I arrange the logic in the automations. I can’t rely on mode changes, notifications fail to notify and the frequent device disconnection drives me nuts, especially battery powered devices on the edge of the range e.g. in the garage. My iPhone is set up to report its location. I’ve removed and re-added devices in the IDE in an attempt to motivate things into action but the functionality seems to be disappearing fast. With every fancy front end enhancement, something else appears to be sacrificed. I use Tado for my central heating and never had an issue with location awareness. Phillips hue has no problems identifying where my phone is, it’s only SmartThings that struggles recently. Where is this product heading?


That is a good question. Unfortunately only time would tell it.