If using hue bulbs do you have to have a hue bridge?

I have EasyBulb but as they aren’t compatible without a hack I’m thinking of other solutions.

Do the Philips hue bulbs still require the hue bridge or can they direct connect with ST without it?

I don’t really want another hub plugged in. If it does work without the hue do I lose any features? Homekit etc?

It just means I could buy some hue bulbs seperate for now.

They can connect directly to the ST hub, however you will likely need to purchase something like the Lutron connected bulb remote to reset them in case you have any issues since the method of resetting those involves the Hue hub.

It would no longer be homekit compatible as far as I know because ST is not homekit compatible and it would run through ST rather than the Hue apps.

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Ah ok thanks, so can I do the initial setup without the hue hub though? Just connect a “thing” through ST iOS app?

What your saying is if there’s a problem though they then need a hub? I could buy a 2nd hand one maybe for backup in case? Would it have to be a v1 or v2 Hue hub? I’d imagine they would be quite cheap?


The Lutron remote is only about $35-40 and if you’re connecting directly, it’s probably a good option to have if you ever need to reset the bulb. Once connected directly, I’m not sure if the Hue hub can reset the bulbs if they’re still connected to another controller (the ST hub).

You can do the setup without the hub, correct. The bulbs are Zigbee and will connect via the app.

Thanks good to know. I might look for some 2nd hand one’s then.

So it’s no good with a hue hub once connected via ST, thanks, saved me there!

I’m in UK also though, so we have a very limited " thing" availability than US.

I’ll look for the remote you sat here in UK, is that the only way then? How does this work to reset?

Just noticed does this remote need to be in ST? In UK I can’t see it on the iOS app, only remotes we have are on the attached pic

Do the hue work reliably direct with ST normally though?

Here’s a thread on that remote and its availability in the UK.

Looks like no one could find that specific remote for the UK but there is a Philips one working there found in that topic.

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Lots! Groups, scenes, transition times, alerts, local API (that all third party Hue apps use), etc. Trust me, you want the Hue Bridge if you’re gonna invest in Hue.

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There is an improved zigbee hue device handler with color temperature control out there that works well. The only benefit of the hub is that if/when st is down you can still control your lights with the Hue app!

You’ll need a hub if you want to use any 3rd party apps for the hue bulbs, for example, I have an app that uses the camera to see what colors are on a TV screen when I watch a movie, it will then set the colors of any attached hue bulbs to match. It gives a pretty cool effect an adds to the ambiance of the movie.

With the rollout of Hue V2, the V1 hubs are pretty much #FREE with the purchase of a couple bulbs. Okay I paid $10-$15 more for starter Kit with hub than just bulb for both Philps Hue and Osram .
My Hues are all connected to Hue Hub and linked to ST. Osram were connected to Osram hub just long enough to update firmware and then removed and added directly to ST.

Adding onto this, you can still control Hue products with the Hue Tap and Hue Dimmer, too, if you use the Hue hub. This has added the extra backup I needed for using my Hue bulbs in the bathroom. I mounted the dimmer on the wall as soon as you walk in.

I forgot about the Hue Dimmer. It definitely has a very positive WAF too!

what app is this??:nerd:

For iOS, there’s an app called Hue TV, it does cost a few bucks but it is one of the better ones. There is also one for Android and I think that one is free called Huey. There are others but you’ll have to search for them.