If Location Mode NOT =

I’m steadily moving my webcore pistons to ST app where possible, and now moving location mode driven pistons.
I have pistons that have a condition “If Location Mode is NOT xxxxxx” with an additional trigger.
It seems this isn’t possible with the app. Is that correct? (No way to do NOT?)

I can’t even do If Location Mode = x or y.

So to achieve what I want to do, I think the only way is to create duplicate routines with the relevant location modes in which the routine should run. (I have 6 location modes, and want to routine to run in 4 of them).

Am I missing something obvious here?


You should be able to select multiple location modes on the If side of a routine:

Despite the UI using radio buttons that we are used to using for single choices, you can actually select multiple modes in the Routines. So you can do ‘If Location Mode = x or y’ and that means you can negate that by doing ‘if Location Mode = w or z’.

Updated to removed the initial ‘Yes.’ at the start of that paragraph. Although the solution is simple it isn’t obvious. Using square tick boxes would have made it obvious.


Thank you. Yes, very obvious.
Post should be closed and deleted to save further embarrassment for my stupidity!


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