If 2 Motions Stay (No Motion) Then...How To?

I have a fairly large room that uses 2 different motion sensors to determine various automations. I know that in the past, you would typically use 1 trigger coupled with as many conditions as you would like. Is there a way to do this with the new Rule Engine? Prefer not to use a VS for this.


In the example pasted I think you have selected any condition is true. Surely you want all conditions to be true, ie no motions detected from BOTH mention sensors?

tap “when all conditions below are met” on the IF side. That’s the long winded Samsung way to say “AND”.

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Thank you both for your answers. I definitely hit “When all conditions are met”, however, it never triggers the VS. I believe it’s because it’s two timed triggers that are driving the action. I know back in the webCoRE days you couldn’t have two “triggers” because, well, it wouldn’t work right. You could have 1 trigger and as many “conditions” as you liked.

I would have wrote this as “there was no motion for at least”…But this rules engines uses “stays” which is a timed trigger.

Here is the activity log since yesterday:

However, there hasn’t been anyone in the room for hours and the VS never turned off.

These are all the associated rules with that switch and also a SS of the rule that turns it on which uses the “any”.

This would have been 1 Piston in webCoRE but for the most part, I have been able to recreate many of my home automations with the new rule engine. Just kinda stuck on this one.

I know I can create two more VS (1 for each) and have a rule for each that says if motion stays no motion for 30 minutes then turn on. Another rule for each that’s say if motion then turn off. That’s 4 rules and 2 additional VS.

Now the rule above would be strictly conditional. If VS motion 1 and VS motion 2 are “all” on then turn off Bedroom. Yikes! That’s a lot of “rules” just to use two motions.

Maybe I’m wrong but using 2 motion with stays hasn’t triggered the rule for me.

Any more thoughts?

I am using something similar for front porch lights.

IF there is motion on any sensor (cameras), THEN brights the lights and changes white temperature.

IF there is no motion on both sensors for 3 minutes, THEN dimms lights and changes white temperature.

This never fails, plus is happening during Night only. Yous should have almost the same routine except you will turn on and off

Have you tried recreating the routine or deleting 1 trigger, saving, then adding the trigger back?
I know it sounds strange but I had to do this for a couple routines that weren’t working correctly.

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