iDevices new Switch for HomeKit

Saw a article about how they are the first to work with Homelink…then watched the video they posted…

OMG look at what they could do from there phone now… (that we have been doing for a long time, minus Siri)

Quote from the article:

Electronics Show 2015 today got a glimpse into what awaits us in the future with the service with iDevices’ new “Switch” plug, which lets users controls many lights and appliances throughout their homes with Siri.

Yeah, there isn’t a lot you can do with a switch other than turning it on or off no matter how cool it looks. :slight_smile:

Still the SIRI integration is something I have been hoping for, now I have my iPad dashboard mounted to my wall, plus with the impending arrival of the Apple Watch. I am hoping that ST will somehow integrate with HomeKit just so we can add voice control via all my Apple Devices …