Ideas/Suggestions needed (shades or curtains?)


amazon also carries two of their products but they are offered at a higher price

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Your last link is the one that I found. Very intriguing for sure, might just go for it and give it a shot!

Thank you very much!

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review that last one. is that a power cord? i can’t tell from the images

It makes mentions of functionality when on or off power. You are correct that there does not appear to be a power cord. The image shows a little control pad so maybe that control pad gets put in a gang box and connects to mains?

also, another site to check out…

investigate the products further. it may be the first zigbee device i posted first may be the right option. i keep looking.

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So that is where I had initially started looking and came to this item →

From there I was going to pair that with some Quibino shutter relays and just control the open/close time/voltage.

so, it looks like the first zigbee one was correct. it comes with a tuya hub but that is only needed if want want to use the tuya app only. otherwise it connects to other zigbee hubs such as ST as the main controller

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What about the aqara curtain motor?

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Zigbee, there is a driver for it

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The c2 model will be Zigbee 3.0, I think this and the zemismart are the only Zigbee/Zwave options.

For the US and EU, there are several different brands offering Z wave or zigbee window covering motors. Somfy And Dooya are two of the oldest, but Graber, Sunricher, even Aeotec and Qubino have offerings in this category. Some of these have already been discussed above.

And again in the US, zebra blinds are popular, which use Graber parts.

US Zwave:

EU Zwave:

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Those aren’t curtains, they’re blinds/shades

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Zebra blinds are shades, yes. But many of the others will work with curtains.

For example, here’s the Dooya zwave curtain motor for the US. It was first certified in 2018. model DT82TV/F-1.2/14

And the same device for the EU:

Interesting how the tracks are available in zwave or Zigbee but all the rod robots are bluetooth or wifi…

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For the sake of completeness here are some other options.

The above can do either single sided curtains or both side curtains. They don’t yet support HomeKit but say it is on their roadmap and also say HomeBridge could be used. (Switchbot also work with HomeBridge but have no stated plans to make an official HomeKit integration.) Slide is mains powered.

Aqara have a motorised curtain system and via (one of) their hubs apparently have official HomeKit support. The problem with Aqara is that finding the right products for a country is a nightmare not helped by the fact they have something like five different hubs.