Ideas on making garage door sensors flexible mountings

Hello everyone, I do garage door repairs for living and encounter the same issue again and again. Garage door opener sensors can get out of position really easy. They mounted into the tracks with fixed metal mountings and screws that goes into the sensors themselves. I have uploaded an closeup image of the sensors here: , you can also see the brackets that secure them, hope to get any advise on the right way I can make or design adjustable sensors with a spring, in such way that will make the sensors return to it’s original position when someone bump into is

This I what I did years ago and I haven’t had to re-adjust anything. It isn’t fancy, highspeed, battery operated or spring assited but it has worked.

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wow nice work, looks great!! :hugs:

Good idea, I should probably do this on the sensor that I keep whacking with the trash can…

big soft grommets/bushings so they can take a hit without bending the sheetmetal.

Cool, looks like those soft grommets/bushings do provide some flexibility