Ideas for Relay use cases

I’m looking for ideas to take advantage of relays,
for exemple I put one inside a dumb fan instead of an Smart outlet
and ofcourse the normal use case which is inside a wall to control a light fixture :slight_smile:

What are your use cases?

i have a couple wired up to low voltage dome sirens for ring alarm. when the low voltage alarm triggers the low voltage side of the relay it allows the high side to close and power the bigger siren horn.

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What is it good for? I dont understand…

the low voltage battery operated dome alarm pairs with the ring alarm base. its the only alarm that will pair wth ring. so i hacked a Low Voltage relay to it so that when it goes off it will let high voltage on the other side of the relay thru to power a much bigger and MUCH LOUDER siren horn.


I have one on my driveway gate. It’s wired in parallel with the radio that receives the clicker signal. From the house I control the relay via an in-wall GE Z-Wave Plus switch which is associated to the relay so I have operation even without the Cloud.

I use a Qubino Flush 1D Relay hardwired to mains power.


I use one for our millivolt gas fireplace (insert typical disclaimer here for looking into your local laws before doing this)


It depends in part on the voltage and on the size.

For example, the zooz zen 16 multi relay is too big to put inside a light switch, but it’s a popular device for things like sprinklers and pool pumps, as well as automated gates and even doorbells.

Essentially relays are used for either when you want to automate the on/off of a device or for when you just want your home automation system to be alerted that a device activated, like with the doorbell. :sunglasses:

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I have a dumb mechanical door bell so to “smart it” I put an aqara contact sensor inside… every time someone pushes it the contact sensor closes and i get a door bell notification
much cheaper and 0 electrical mess