Ideas for old stuff

Anyone have ideas for what to do with old stuff? Wondering if there’s anything I can do with an old 1st gen iris motion sensor. What about left over GE add-on switches. What can I do with those. Hmm… I got a Wink hub 2 I should find something to do with.

Sell them! Then you will have money for new stuff.

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Send it into space in a red matchbox Tesla


Yeah I think I’ll try and sell the Wink hub. See if anybody I know is looking for one. Or see if anyone on the forum wants one. Maybe hold on until the next outage then put it up for sale :imp:

Amazon is also an option for selling, just look for the Sell on Amazon button

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Pretty sure that the Wink hub can do OTA updates for some Zigbee sensors that ST doesn’t handle yet, at least LeakSmarts. That might be worth something to someone (the alternative is to mail them back to the factory).