Ideas for Next SmartApp Workshop

We are going to be doing another virtual SmartApp Workshop (or see Upcoming SmartApp Workshops )

As part of this I’m interested if there are any SmartApps you’d like to see that don’t exist, or don’t exist quite like you want. During the workshop I may try to pick a couple of your ideas and create them for you.

A “thing” that displays all past data for our devices. Graph all my temps, open close activity, and thermostat on/off to name a few. :smile:


A REST endpoint example that has all capable device types integrated into it. At that rate, I’d like to see a full example of sending REST requests rather than just bits and pieces.

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+1,000 to @tslagle13 for bringing that up first.

I would love to see a demonstration on how to have an application wait for say 24 hours and then process a set of commands.

What I have in mind, that I would like to see is a way using the Change Lock Apps to allow for a timed lock code that is valid for a certain amount of time.

A smart app that augments the Mobile Presence to make it more reliable by looking at whether the phone is also connected to the home wifi.

I understand that Smarthings is at the mercy of the geofence on the phone for Mobile Presence. My previous phone was rock-solid, but on my current one (A Moto X 2nd gen, sweet phone BTW!) the geofence just isn’t that reliable and periodically marks me as away and then returning even though I’m at home and have a 1000ft diameter.

So here is the suggestion. A SmartApp that will change the Mode to Away when both the Mobile Presence geofence says away and the phone is not connected to the home wifi. This won’t solve all the mobile presence issues, but will prevent needless toggling while the phone is at home.