Ideal Mini Split Setup

We live in an old 1954 house with old leaky windows, no central air, and no wall insulation…in Texas.

Believe me, I’m working on it! So far we get by with window units and have started replacing windows one by one and I’ll be insulating a bedroom in August. That bedroom needs a full drywall replacement so I’ll do the windows and insulation myself and probably hire someone to do blow in on the other rooms when I can get around to it.

The traditional A/C guys told me I’m looking at $25k for an install since I have nothing to start with so I was thinking doing the whole house on mini splits might be a better option. This group always seems to have 1-12 experts on everything so I thought id ask your opinion. What ideally would you get for a 5 room split system and what kind of smart accessories would you get along with it?

What brands and setup types should I be looking at? I’ve seen some inexpensive DIY units on amazon but they seem to be only 1 unit per 1 condenser. The installer guys said they have condensers that can run 5 or so indoor units and that sounds like a more efficient option but I know very little.

What ST devices should I plan for? I’ve also looked at those puck thermostats (can’t think of the name) with the ir blasters built in. Can’t remember what they’re called and I don’t believe they have direct ST integration but they looked wife friendly.

If I were in Texas and essentially starting fresh, I would look first to solar power and perhaps wind power. Roll that all into a purchase with an AC system, and finance it correctly, and you’ll be on your way.

I might look into that down the road. I’m trying to cash flow this thing for now so I’m just going to need the A/C setup for now.
What system would you get?