Idea... integrate a dumb patio/coach lamp with motion

So I have a “dumb” dusk to dawn patio/coach lamp something like this… The wall switch stays on all the time. At dusk light turns on to dim, when motion is sensed it goes to bright for 5(?) minutes.

I thought it would be nice integrate this into SmartThings by using a wall switch that can measure energy. A new device type handler would detect the change in energy usage to determine day/night illuminance and motion:

-low to high=night time, generate motion event in SmartThings
-zero to high=light switch turned on, no motion
-low or high to zero=someone turned off switch, turn it back on

Pros versus a standalone motion sensor… designed to be outside, its hidden in the lamp, typically located right by the door, and I already have it :slight_smile:

Cons: no motion detection during daytime

Anyone tried this?

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Haven’t tried it but here is a switch if you decided to try it out.

@kevin, I’m looking to do exactly the same thing for my backyard patio. Did you manage to implement a solution?

No, using cheapest switches I find on sale or clearance and not one of them have energy monitoring.

@kevin Hmm, looking at the Optional Wiring section in the HZ-4133 manual, the lamp is able to drive a slave lamp using the red wire. Perhaps this lamp can be hacked where the normal power to the lamp bulb is removed and the red wire is monitored by a contact/relay to see if the motion sensor is tripped. You can then use ST for Sunset/Sunrise to determine if you need to turn on the low level light and a Z-wave switch to turn on the actual light. I just don’t know how you would get two levels of light output …