IDE Updated (9/18/2015) (Unofficial Change Log)

Here are the changes i’ve noticed so far:


  • Slimmed down Navigation Bar
  • New Button designs
  • Faster saving and publishing confirmation
  • The colorful Log icons and the text actually scales to the size of the screen and they seem more detailed
  • Simulator sidebar can be hidden (Which means you can view/edit code on mobile)
  • New SmartApps Details page.


  • Doesn’t take minutes for Device Type and SmartApp code to load up
  • Time format issue is resolved (2:6:13pm is now 2:06:13pm)


  • Log filter buttons on top of the log windows are not working.
  • Using icons larger than 512px takes up the wholes screen in SmartApp Details Page. (There doesn’t appear to be any any image size constraints)
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great work thanks keep-em coming

noticed this too… thanks for confirming