IDE - the Delete button should be moved!

Yesterday, as I was going thru a list of devices that migrated as Offline, I accidentally hit that Delete button instead of the Update button as I was repairing devices. And not being aware that i’d hit it accidentally, when the “are you sure?’ Message came up I accidentally tapped ‘Yes’.

Can you please move that Delete button so that it is not a mere millimeter away from what I really want to do?

And while you’re on it, could you please allow devices to be sorted by status in the new app?
It would make this cleanup far easier than me having to scan a list of 200 devices to eyeball whether any are offline.

Speaking of which, I went through the exercise of swapping device drivers on many devices then swapping back to bring them online. Yet this morning, some of those devices are again showing as offline. Devices that were never offline in the old context & app. What’s going on here?

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They will make it easier than that, soon they will hit the delete button for IDE, and your problem will be instantly solved.:slight_smile:


I’m so out of touch with this all now. I’d gotten my smart home to where most stuff was working almost all the time, so I didn’t need to build or maintain it. Now everything has changed, and I therefore have to do all this work to get it going correctly again.

Not too smart… the smart home should be far smarter than this.

it seems like you’re buying incompatible devices from the supported plug and play devices and using custom device handlers to get them to work which it what they allow at the moment.
Hardly their fault you’re struggling is it.

Not ‘buying’.
Bought and installed years ago.

They worked perfectly, for years, in a system in which such development had been done for many years.

Now they don’t work… pathetic.
But yeah, it’s my fault. :crazy_face: