IDE server having problems?

I’ve noticed the SmartThings IDE seems to up and down lately? Is the server having issues? This morning I logged in, started doing some work and then it just stopped responding. This happened to me last weekend too, the server was excessively slow. Right now if I try to go to, the page doesn’t load at all. I can load any other sites (including this one) so it’s not my connection.

Anyone else having problems?

Yes, same for me right now. Can’t use the iPhone-app either.

Yea, it’s totally broken now, and it was funky since I started working it there 4 hours ago…

My dashboard is totally stuck. Spinning wheel… Hub rebooted. iPhone rebooted. Internet blazing fast.

same here, on Android

Not ready for prime time… Oops, someone took that one already.

Forget prime time… More like “any time”. :frowning:

My wife made the observation recently that there hasn’t been a single day when ST worked flawlessly for a full day. That may be a bit of an exaggeration. But, how about a week? Never seen a week where it worked all week.

Well, glad to hear it’s not just me, but that doesn’t make it any better. :smile:

I emailed support so hopefully they will get it back up soon.

@bravenel no comments. ST is the best. Working ST for a fews days in a week is the best experience ever. I have to keep praising them as all my posts including lighthearted ones are getting flagged! :wink:

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Oh, right, I forgot that part. Isn’t it wonderful? Keeps me entertained at least.


I know right?, debugging this code is hard enough without having to debug the debugger too…


Hey, ST.

We’re getting tired of the glitches.

Perhaps you should look into adopting some best-practices around your processes.

Please stop “experimenting” in production. It’s not like you guys are actually blazing fast when it comes to supporting things, (GE Link bulbs for example) or even making the things you claim to support work. (I had to remove all of my Wemo stuff because the ST integraation just sucked.)

Maybe I should have kept Wemo and pulled ST.

Your staunchest supporters are tired of things Just. Not. Working.

Fix the problems and stop deploying things that aren’t fully tested.