IDE roles and graph

What a tease!

I tried adding a role and checking out the graph under the hub. Can’t wait till you get it complete!!!

Where did you see this? I don’t see it in the IDE…


Go to My Hubs, click your hub and you will see a “View Graph” button and Roles. Click the Review link by roles and press New Role Assignment button. It has Owner, Administrator, Controller, Viewer and None. Doesn’t work for me yet, however.

View Graph seems like it will show a Google Map of your home that maybe we can place our devices? Or maybe this is wishful thinking…

Not there for me… maybe you’re on a beta firmware?


I have the same hub firmware as you (000.011.00603). For some reason I seem to be getting to a different IDE.

I’m liking what I see. It appears you can assign roles down to the device level! And I can add a rule builder and comfort solution!