IDE Login: Total Pain!

When are they going to fix this web Ide login? First it asks me for my email, Next, Select the Account, Next, Asks me for my email and password, Login. After all that I hope I get the IDE interface but not necessarily. More often than not I get an Apache Server Web Page with the heading “It Works” To get to the IDE I must hit Refresh.

It is easier to login to any Financial Institution than it is ST. Surely this cant be right???

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Are you allowing your web browser to store cookies for the site?


BTW: The apache screen happens when using IE. I have never seen it with Chrome. Other than that, no difference between Chrome/IE login annoyances

Have you gone through account migration yet? That should clear up the choosing account step.

Nope. Based on all the info on this migration (& previous instruction/advise by ST) , its not something I am willing to undertake until so advised by ST.

the account migration you have to wait for SmartThings to prompt you, so not much you can do until you get the notice in the classic app.

I did it a couple of days ago and it was a breeze for me, totally painless…

At this point, after several beta and now production migration waves I think they have fixed everything they were going to fix and whatever is left they know how to deal with so it is what it is, should go smooth but if by any chance you have a problem you can contact support and they will help you with it.

The thing is, right now there are two different authentication mechanisms and the site needs to figure out which one you use to be able to log you in so much of the complication you are complaining about should go away once they finish migrating every single user to the Samsung accounts.

You still need to wait to get the banner but when you do you don’t need to go ahead with it intermediately, just wait for a good moment where you can spend time some time with support if anything happens and you should be ok.