IDE Live Logger Broken

@jeffblaisdell let me know once this has been done

Also I’m seeing issues with the IDE today, not sure if something changed
Sometimes when trying to save Smartapp code it gives me an error saying null pointed exception, retrying again a few times and it goes away.
When trying to open a SmartDevice code it says oh not something went wrong etc… try again and it goes away

Thanks for the info RBoy. I’m seeing same issue under my account.
We had a deployment earlier today, and are currently investigating.

I’ll ping back here when I know more.

One of the boxes in a cluster appeared to be non responsive after the deploy. We restarted it, and the errors seem to have stopped.

Are you still seeing the issue @RBoy?

Nope it’s okay now just that the IDE is VERY slow to save.

@jeffblaisdell FYI the events are still showing up out of order. I thought this issue was fixed:

403daa9b-0761-4c8f-ae75-21bada2dbb9a 10:09:05 PM: trace Checking expired updates for code 4 on Basement Door Lock
403daa9b-0761-4c8f-ae75-21bada2dbb9a 10:09:05 PM: trace Checking expired updates for code 2 on Basement Door Lock
403daa9b-0761-4c8f-ae75-21bada2dbb9a 10:09:05 PM: trace Checking expired updates for code 6 on Basement Door Lock

It’s a simple loop checking, it this should be going 1…6 but I see 1,3,5,6,2,4

Can you add a 2 second delay to the loop. I am guessing the resolution is not granular enough to order items that execute within 1 second. To test this add at least a second delay to the loop. I would bet your events will then return in order. The events are being executed in order but ST needs to be more granular with the time stamps used for sorting.

The ordering issue is not something we’ve gotten around to updating. It is an improvement that we will add, but it is a matter of priority / timing at the moment.

The execution is happening in the proper order. However the events describing the execution, flow through a distributed messaging system which does not guarantee order. Essentially it is a performance tradeoff to be able to handle the heavy load of all the events flowing into the system from every connected device.

To @jody.albritton 's point, the timestamp precision would also need to increase in order to get more accurate sorting.

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@jeffblaisdell FYI Live Logging isn’t working, as in it’s complete dead no messages from anything whatsoever.
Any idea?

It’s back up now…


The live logging is broken again, it’s missing debug events. The same issue posted here:

the app runs I KNOW it’s running because things are happening but in between some debug messages are going missing. I see an event happen because it’s in a simple loop from 1 to 10 but suddenly in between event 4 happens but the debug message saying event 4 happen doesn’t print. 1 to 3 and 5 to 10 print, 4 happens but doesn’t print and it’s random! Sometimes all 10 will print sometimes a few will disappear in between.

Something is wrong here.


It’s pretty bad - I’m losing messages randomly - wondering if one of the servers in the cluster is down or out of sync

@jeffblaisdell @Dianoga

The IDE Live logging is missing log events! The SmartApp is sending debug messages but not all of them show up on the screen. This is a serious issue.

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I have reported this issue soooo many times as well. My tickets get closed on this issue with nothing getting done. Smart Things folks don’t seem to care.


I’m sure you can put this in perspective…

Live Logging only affects “Developers” (“20,000” folks?, :grin:)… But not average Consumers who are facing much worse problems.

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True, but another way to look at it. If dev’s get (too) frustrated they stop/reduce developing… users look to dev’s for support on this forum

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200,000 users / Customers?

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errrr… not bust your point but am trying to build a case to have ST fix some this stuff :smiley:

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@jeffblaisdell @Dianoga the IDE is in bad shape, it’s dropping a lot of messages randomly, I need to keep running my functions over and over again just hoping once it would print the debug statement so I can see what’s going on.

Any help here?


Guys the Live Logging is broken, nothing’s showing up. Something happened today? @slagle @jeffblaisdell

Is anyone else still seeing this?

I’ve been trying to do some updates to my SmartApps and have been banging my head on the wall because based on logs my code wasn’t getting where it needed to go… That is until I finally realized that I am randomly getting my Trace/Debug logs. It gives some, misses others and it’s random it seems.