IDE Issues - Feb 22, 2018

LMFAO! Big brother is watching. Nothing better to do.

Now that’s funny. It’s my thread. I should be able to turn that off, LOL.

Guarantee you they are waiting for us to say that one wrong thing so they can delete the topic.

In my best Darth Vader voice: NnnnooooOooooooOoooooOoooo


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I would kinda hope they’re trying to fix the IDE. This is harmless fun.

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Correct the “sh” Robin. That’s their out.

You would think, but hey.

Fix the quote you took from Robin so they can’t shut it down for that word.

I reported this last week… just standard response… they broke the git hub integration…
workaround is to edit your device handler properties change the git hub from master to none.


Jack of all trades, master of none.

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Of course … had some free time this afternoon, figured I’d finally load webCoRE and start adding some pistons. No luck doing that this afternoon because GitHub is down - not sure when I’ll have time to try again.

How long do these “outages” normally last? Hours? Days? Months? Quarters?

It not how long. It’s how “many” different outages we have had this year already. 5 complete platform outages and then these nuance issues once a week. Last year was solid for me.

This year. Not so much. They might think about setting up a juice bar.


Thanks - been a long time since I’ve gone the copy and paste route here - spoiled by GitHub I suppose!


And we will have 3 mobile apps to have to navigate through. SmartThings Mobile, Samsung Connect and the new SmartThings App.

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Seems ST is taking a page from the Google Messaging Team. 14 apps that only vary in name.

Wonder what’s a higher priority right now. Routines only partially executing or the IDEs of March?

Well there’s 50 if you start including those.

Neither, they’re busy getting ready for Fun Friday :grin:.

That’s Non-Functional Friday (Complete Outage). Bets anyone?

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SmartThings today, and other days!

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Is this a known thing? I have been having this for a month but when I try to test it, it works! So I just assumed it was me