IDE/GitHub - How can I switch it to the local repository

I configured IDE/GitHub according to this and it works fine but it only works with the GitHub repository not with the local repository. How can I switch it to the local repository?

Local, as in on your own computer? I am pretty sure that is not supported. The integration is between the SmartThings Cloud servers and the official cloud servers. You can create a personal GitHub account/repository and add that to the SmartThings IDE, though.

So when I do things on my computer I need to upstream it to the github and then pablish it - right?

That’s one way… I personally just do my development in the SmartThings IDE. When I am done testing there, I simply have the ST/GitHub integration send those changes over to my GitHub repo.

Ok, how does it work for you? Do you use some sort of the text editor (Atom) or you work directly in the IDE?

Directly in the IDE… FYI - you do know that the IDE is going away in 2021, right? I’d hate for you to invest a ton of time and energy into writing groovy code, only to have it all obsoleted in 2021.

You are saying not just IDE, but the Groovy system as well? Wow! do we have a preview of what should the do after 2021?

For SmartApps, you’ll need to host those yourself, and can use whatever language you’d like to communicate with the ST API.

For Device Type Handlers, it depends whether or not your device needs to connect via a Hub. For now, hub-connected devices are still using Groovy, with no replacement announced, yet… Direct-Connected devices will communicate directly to the ST Cloud Server via the new API.

There are threads discussing these topics, which are quite active with developers trying to migrate everything that they can.