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I went in to the api to create a virtual switch and there was not a way to add a device. Did the api change to not allow us to create a virtual switch now?

When you say “the API”, so you mean the IDE? Or the REST API? Or the API browser +?

The IDE is part of the old architecture and is going away. So lots of functions there have already been removed. See:

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

The REST API is part of the new architecture, and as far as I know is working.

The API Browser + is a community-created project that gives you most of the functionality that was in the old IDE, but for the new architecture. You can ask questions about it in the author thread:

SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

Which URL are you using where you see the change? :thinking:

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I’m using this link.

Ok, that’s the IDE. So you are correct, you can no longer create virtual devices there. You have to use one of the new architecture options instead.

Read this:

FAQ: Creating Virtual Devices with the new architecture (Without the IDE) (2023)

Great thanks for the help. I got it installed now.

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