IDE Device List Sorting

Is it just me or is the sorting of the Devices listing on the IDE brutally slow when the page first is loaded. Unlike any of the other tabs (i.e. Device Types, Smartapp) the ability to sort is initially unavailable. So, instead of waiting, I scroll down the unsorted list looking for a device. Often, before I find it, poof… The list is suddenly sorted. I can now sort any of the columns, select a device and when I reload the list again… poof… the list is unsorted. Wait for what seems an eternity before I can once again sort this list.

If this cant be fixed then I suggest remove the sorting all together. So annoying to have this list magically sort as I scroll down…

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I’d rather have it sort slow than not at all, with over 200 devices. It’s quicker for me to wait for the sorted refresh.

Agreed that is is slow, often wondered why that was the case given how fast other sites were. I am with @bravenel on this though, I have many devices and am willing to wait as it makes finding them much easier

Something is wrong there indeed.
I’ve looked into it and this is what happens:

  • First request loads the page. This returns immediately an html containing all my 5 devices
  • After that, there is also a json request (/device/listJson?useTimestamp=1), which is taking in my case up to 5 seconds for 5 devices.

It’s clear that this second request is not needed at all (contents of the table are already there after the first request).
Note that all other tables (such as My Device Handlers, My Smart Apps) are not loading this second json request, so I assume this is clearly a bug.

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Yup. I think so too. All other pages sort immediately. This page is such a PITA to use. I cant waint for the sort so I scroll to see if I can find the device in the unsorted list/ Sometimes I get lucky. Other times, just as I see the device the damn page sorts. Very frustrating

Does anyone have a list explaining all the “generic” device types ? Like what they do, when to use them, etc. For example, I am familiar with “Simulated Switch”, “Momentary Button Tile”. But there are a lot of other listed that might be useful if we knew what they did.