IDE Bug Report - HIgh DPI?

I have a laptop with high dpi settings. the IDE shows me about 2 inches of text to edit and the remainder of the screen is either the very large margin at the top or the very large logs area/bottom margin. This makes the IDE impossible to use on this device. Scrolling does no good.

If there is a way to shrink the top/bottom margins I can’t find it. I’ve tried dragging all the corners/separators with no luck. Is there a way to adjust this, or is this a legitimate bug?

I’ve attached a screenshot

BTW, I did verify that at a low DPI setting there is a decent amount of text in the edit area. The problem is that the print is then microscopic. I feel most comfortable at a DPI of 250%.

Handling High DPI settings is a pretty basic programming requirement. This is something that Samsung should get right!