Icons not animating

Devices with custom DH (stock DH with modified icon) are animated fine. However using a stock DH for local control then switching the icon. The icon does not animate. I’m using a switch(bulb) stock to a switch(fan). The fan does not animate like the one with a DH edited to have the fan icon.

Video example of stock DTH with modified Icon and of stock DTH changing icon in the app. The DTH are Zwave Switch that show as a bulb icon.

@nayelyz are you aware of this issue? :point_up:

Do you mean that the device was using another icon before “fan” and when you change it doesn’t work?
What happens if you turn off and then on the device again?

If you use the stock Zwave Switch DTH that is modified to have the oic.d.fan the icon is animated.

If you then switch back to the Stock Zwave DTH that uses the oic.d.switch. Then select the fan icon under the edit function of the device in the SmartThings App. The icon doesn’t animate, this also happens with x.com.st.d.humidifier.

Turning it on and off has no affect on the animation of the icon.

I see…ok, thank you for the information.
@SamsungZell, can help us with this issue using the “change icon” function, please? :smiley:

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@SamsungZell it’s been over 9day since the last ping. Can you help shed some light on the icons not animating?