Icon for ST Multipurpose Sensor on Garage Door

If I use a ST multipurpose sensor to monitor if my garage doors are open, will it use a garage door icon?

if you use the device type "SmartSense Garage Door Multi’


We should start with: which SmartThings app are you using?

I haven’t been migrated to the new app if that’s what you’re asking. @ero4444 Does this change when I select using for Garage door? The icon in the image you posted is what I’m looking for. I should add I’m hoping it will change depending on if the door is open or closed.

I never watched the icon before, but it does change. I suggest a camera backup when you have to be sure. FYI I am using hub1 and ST-“classic”-app, and an OLD ST multisensor that takes 2x AAAA. The new ST multisensor with coincell may have reliability issues.