IBlinds Automation failing

Automation failing

I have a weird issue with my automated smartblinds (brand: iblinds). I’ve got about 15 of these through the house and they work perfectly with automation of scheduled opening and closing times. There are three of these in our game room windows of which two always fail to physically close. I do see in the history that the automation of “closing” is triggering at the right time but it fails to actually close so I end up having to send a close command from smartthing to which it does respond physically. What’s weird is that it will respond to the “open” automation just fine. I excluded and added the device again to smartthings but this did not solve the issue. Any idea what I can do to resolve this issue?

One option I like to apply is using multiple scenes. Not sure how many other commands you are sending with your Automation that opens/closes the iBlinds.

For example…
If you have turning on/off lights and put them in their own scene.
IBlinds in their own scene
Other items in their own scene

Then add those scenes to the Automation in place of individual devices. Do what works best for you when creating scenes.

Of course, there is also the possibility of adding a repeater if you have none in that location… plugs or switches, etc.

Other community members will give you great advice… so wait for it :slight_smile:

Having a similar issue i think. I have 4 blinds setup in smartthings and controlled by alexa in a routine.

3 of them work on the first voice command and one seems to need to be woken up. It won’t open or close on the first command but the device status reports as if it opened.

Did you ever figure this out?

Nop, still have the same issue.

May or may not be of relevance and Alexa not involved but…

I have Ikea blinds and recently(ish) I have noticed that a command issued whilst they are in action stopped them, ie. Open followed by another command (open/close/preset/%) caused the blind to stop, effectively cancelling the action in progress untill another action was requested.

I have many routines controlling blinds some combining lux, light status, power use and presence. I found that on the problematic blinds I had routines that conflicted.

A simplified example would be ‘close blind if power usage > 5w’ was triggering multiple close requests as wattage fluctuated resulting in start-stop-start-stop behaviour at the blind.

Once I realised this and sorted the conflicts no issues…