iBeacons+iOS+SmartThings (UK) presence [updated in 2023]

Yep of course you are right. Haha

I’m getting somewhere now. I have the UUID programmed. The geofency location setup and actions logging.

I have now created a virtual presence device on smartthing, is that correct?

I have also created a IFFT account and attempted a rule.

Is my process correct?

As long as your virtual presence device is also a switch so you can turn it on and off from Ifttt, it sounds like you’re almost there. :sunglasses:

Can you just make up the key in the url?

And this is not a switch.

I think I have made some more progress…

Im now seeing this

curl -X POST https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/neil_arrived/with/key/dykENs3aLWCGFsxaUExKwxStatusactive

{“errors”:[{“message”:“You sent an invalid key.”}]}

Im sure the link is setup right now If this (webhook) then that (smartthings turn on switch)

Go back up to the top of this thread and re-read post 2. You can’t just make up your own key, Ifttt will give you a key associated to your Ifttt account.

IFTTT Will also give you your own unique “key“ which you will use for this. It will be long and weird looking, something like “AFd36GMIwwSD3LK57x” only even longer. You can always look that up by going to the webhooks page at Ifttt and clicking on “documentation.”

Thanks. This has installed! :slight_smile:

I still see the error

Is there a troubleshooting method. What does invailde key mean? I didnt generate the key, the site did.

First of all, delete any posts that show your actual key and generate a new one. That’s the password to your account. Don’t show it to anybody.

Second, unfortunately you are going to have to find somebody else to help you. Since I rely on text to speech I really can’t get into the details of that kind of error.

No worries thanks for all your help. Im not getting the error now, which is good.

Howver, its not sending onto smartthings. Which means I must be sending the wrong trigger. I tired “arrived”

The trigger is whatever you want it to be. It’s the name that you give to the event when you create the Ifttt applet.

So when you create your applet in Ifttt, you are going to put in the name of that trigger.

And when you type in the webhook in some other app, you are going to include that exact same name in the webhook.

At the documentation link on the Ifttt page, it shows you exactly how to write the name of your webhook


So if you name your event “arrives“ then you just replace {event} with arrives…


They must match exactly. same capitalization, everything. Because when the webhook comes in, that’s how Ifttt will know which applet to run.

That’s all there is to it. Name the event, then put that exact event name into your webhook. :sunglasses:

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Also, I don’t know what you mean by “send on to smartthings”.

In the IFTTT applet, you use the webhooks service as the IF. You will use SmartThings as the THAT and turn on the switch part of your virtual presence sensor.

Smartthings never knows the name of your webhook and doesn’t care. All it knows is that it got a request from Ifttt to turn on a particular switch.

What happens on the SmartThings side when that switch comes on is totally up to whatever automations you’ve created in SmartThings.

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Hi guys, nice work btw!
So my case is a little bit rare i think, i live in the same building were i work, in different floors, so the ST geo presence don´t really know when me or my wife are at home/work because i´m in the same location range. I know now that the ST Arrival sensor dont work very well so i got into this “beacons” thing.
What i understood till now is that i must have a beacon at home to detect when my iPhone approach it (via BT) and then i must have an app to detect the beacon, so that app can communicate with IFTTT and IFTTT communicate with a virtual switch on my ST/Webcore. Did i get it right?

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Yes, that’s the method, except that it is the app on your iPhone that detects when it gets close to the iBeacon. Not the ibeacon detecting the phone. :sunglasses:

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Hum, so the app in my iPhone detects the ibeacon via BT, so i can solve my work/home problem?

Possibly, you can adjust the signal strength of the iBeacon so it’s down to 3 or 4 meters. How far apart are your home and office?

If you need an even smaller distance, you would probably have to go to an NFC tag.

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So my home is in the 17th floor and my office in the 1st. They are in the same GPS position but in different altitude. I really need something more reliable to work with. Something that detects me when i leave the elevator and open my home door. I was thinking about the Wifi conecting - that would be GREAT! But i think its impossible to config in iOS, only in Android. Not even with “Shortcuts”…
So do you think it works in my case? Thanks!

The following does not list specific support for Smartthings but it might be worth looking at.

Intellithings is an occupancy system based on short range sensors, it won’t detect you outside the home. So good for microlocation, but it won’t know you are “arriving” until you enter the first room. That will fit some “presence” use cases, but not others. It’s also quite expensive as it requires a minimum of two of its sensors for a detection event.

This has been an interesting discussion. The advice, analysis, and comment is very informative. I am going to try this myself. I would like to go a step further and add a beacon to the gate post to track people entering/leaving the driveway. Given it is outdoors, are there any rugged versions or other packages of interest?

Estimote beacons work well outdoors, they are primarily designed for commercial use by shopping centers, sports stadiums, etc. so as long as they are in a semi sheltered location, they are usually fine. :cloud_with_rain::sun_with_face:


If it’s for a gate post, you might need to place it inside a plastic box or beneath a plastic shelf.

I’m sure there will be other similar brands in the UK, I’m just not sure what they are.