I was reject when I request to register a new brand


As the title.

We have a customer A,  And we help them interaction ST in production.

Now we nearly to publish, and I want to register a brand for A.

But now I had been rejected it!

Dose have any method to solve the problem?

Best regards!
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Tagging @SamsungZell @erickv

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Hello, @Meng_Mojies

To give you a better service about your Publish Request, would you please submit a ticket Here.

Hello @erickv

My compute is archlinux, and my chrome version is Google Chrome 80.0.3987.116,
my firefox version is Mozilla Firefox 71.0, And I can’t create Submit a Ticket. because I can’t select the category.

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you can’t on Windows 10, Chrome either

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Hi and thank you @Meng_Mojies, @prjct92eh2 for sharing these details with us. Our team is now working on fixing this issue.

As soon as I get an update, I’ll notify you @Meng_Mojies, so we can proceed to review your Publish Request status.

Update 2020/04/03

Our team has updated the platform, now you should be able to submit your ticket @Meng_Mojies.

Best Regards,

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