I want to use SmartThings from amazon.com at Greece!

Hello guys, hope everyone is ok!
I want to buy from Amazon.com Schlage Z-Wave Connect door lock and combine it with SmartThings. Could this be possible at Greece?
Thank you!

Different regions have different Z wave frequencies just as they have different mobile phone standards.

The frequency assigned to Greece is the same as that for Europe. Using the US frequency instead may be illegal in your country, as it can interfere with ambulance communications and other local devices.


In addition, it can be very difficult to find electrical equipment on the US frequency which would work with a Greek system.

The frequency of Z wave devices cannot be changed after you purchase them and they must match the frequency of your smartthings hub exactly.

So it’s better to choose devices which work with the UK Version of the smartthings hub, and to purchase from amazon.co.uk or amazon.de instead of amazon.com

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