I want a rules engine, not apps

Absolutely. This is coming soon. Thanks for the feedback :smile:

Yup, this is also coming soon!



What is the new “quick tap” event in SmartRules and how should it be used?
Can this provide similar functionality to the “double tap” smart app?

No, the quicktap is not like double tap; a quick tap trigger enables quick triggering of a rule from the iOS Today Screen (swipe down from the top), and from the Watch.

I agree, and Rule Machine doesn’t quite do the job either, as it does not fully support device APIs, such as that for the Ecobee3, so it is less useful than it might be.

Bryce your app is not available in the uk? Any chance of getting this for UK users?

Check out

The UK version is coming. We had to wait for SmartThings to fix their authentication process, then update the app and SmartApp accordingly. We are currently waiting for approval from Apple, so it shouldn’t be too long.

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You might want to take a look at this… http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Rule_Machine

IT’S BRILLIANT!! It works superb…so far :wink: My schedules are now working! it’s renewed my faith in the system, so thanks Bryce! One thing I would love is radio boxes by my devices, so I can just quickly add multiple devices at once. gets a tad tedious having to add individual lights, but other than that the customisation aspect far excels that of samsung’s offering!


Glad you like it! Figuring out a nice way to select multiple devices is on the todo list. Thanks for the feedback.

If you have a moment to write a review on the App Store ( https://appsto.re/us/Bhie5.i ), it really helps enable us to continue to support and improve the app. Thanks!


Will do, it’s been a god send! It seems to be more reliable than the actual app from samsung! I’d like, some more integration for my sonos with custom messages and the ability to add timers for motion sensors.

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Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

Custom messages are supported now. You just need to make sure that your device is selected under “Which speech synthesizers?”, then you’ll see the “speak” action.

We’re working on adding something that should handle the motion timer case you mentioned.

I checked that section, but my sonos speakers are not showing.

Oh right. I forgot that for some reason, the Sonos device type doesn’t support the “Speech Synthesis” capability. Does anyone know why that is? You can use a custom device type that does - https://github.com/obycode/smartthings-smartapps/blob/master/Sonos.groovy

@obycode Speech synthesis is for devices that support TTS nativly, use music player for those that dont

Oh is that the intent? I guess that makes sense, since we can just pass the url to a music player.

Yea, this is the way it works per Tim, whether it makes any sense or not.
Two ways to go on this, if you have the URL to the TTS, you can pass that into playTrackAnd…, just like any other MP3, if you need the TTS conversion then pass in the text into playTextAnd…
Now according to the official docs, this method is supposed to exist for music players: playText(string), however it doesn’t exist on my sami speakers and every other music player device I’ve poked into uses playTextAnd… go figure

Oh yeah. I see they updated the capability to include more commands that should have been there. I’ll make some updates!

Would love to see offsets in sunrise/sunset times. So like now you can choose, is after sunset. I would like to see “is after sunset offset by +/- min”

It would be helpful if feedback on the relative dimmer setting was visable when setting up a dimmer. Right now it’s pretty much a guess. When you have three lights that can all be seen at once, any difference can be easily spotted.