I received status code 500 in response as a result of speechSynthesis command to galaxy home mini

I’m trying to develop TTS(Text To Speech)Node in Node-RED.
So before i starting develop, I tried API test to my galaxy home mini using postman.
capability.audioVolume.VolumeUp() is working, But capability.spechSynthesis.speak() return Error code 500.

Is there any way to request to speak my device?


URL: https://api.smartthings.com/v1/devices/{My galaxyHomeMini DeviceId}/commands
HEADER: Authorization: Bearer {My PAT}
    "commands": [
            "component": "main",
            "capability": "speechSynthesis",
            "command": "speak",
            "arguments": [
                "Test message"


    "requestId": "12B98AC9-D4B4-4922-B2A0-138CD6F9B9BC",
    "error": {
        "code": "UnexpectedError",
        "message": "unsuccessful-http-call status=500",
        "details": []

Hi, @wasi

I am Andres, a memeber of Developer Support.

We are looking into this. We will let you know as soon as we know something.

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Hi. @andresg.

I found the way. (But still don’t know why speechSynthesis capability doen’t work)
I used a capability samsungim.announment instead of SpeechSynthesis.

  1. Register my PAT in My Device Node.
  2. Select Galaxy Home Mini Device in Command Node.
  3. Set samsungim.announcement capability.
  4. Set announce command.
  5. Type sentence want to say it in message box.

After that I could hear my speaker saying the sentence that i typed.

request and response log

Thank you for your efforts

Hi, @wasi

Great news hearing that you have found a workaround! The team is still investigating the issue. We will let you know if we found anything.

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