I need help keeping a history

Is there a product that will keep a history of when something plugged into an outlet turns on and off? I don’t need the hub to actually turn on/off the device in question, I just need to be able to look back at the last (at least 24 hours, preferably 7 days) x amount of time and know when said item turned on and off.

well you can go into the device view on the mobile app and look at recent history.

for looking back 7 days. Try one of these

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Sorry, im new here and just realized I didnt clarify. This is a “dumb” device, so if I buy a smart outlet and just keep it as “on” would that work? Basically I have a heat sensor that heats/cools an aquarium depending on the temperature fluctuation and because heat means more water is added, I need something to plug in between the sensor and the heater to keep track of on and off events.

So your smart outlet is always on, it measures power and/or energy and you want to track that?

If so, I think the answer still applies.

This makes it sound like your switch isn’t smart? Let me know and I’ll try to point you in the right direction.

No its not smart. Right now im running an inkbird heating cooling switch (not smart) on an aquarium. Temp hits 82 it cools, temp hits 77 it heats. When it heats it kicks on a solenoid that connects to my hot water house supply. What i need it something smart to plug into between the inkbird and the solenoid that tracks when it turns on (so voltage, wattage, an “on” event, essentially anything at all in the system). So that way I can use this to measure the amount of water that flows. So right now im in search of what smart device I can add as im brand new to all of this.

Plug this in to a smart switch. Maybe one of these

The only devices I’ve heard of to measure water flow is

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I think the smart outlet will do it. Ive equalized pressure and have an assortment of drip emitters so with just a time frame I should be good. I just didnt know if a a smart outlet set to “on” all the time would work if power was intermittent. So would the outlet remember its supposed to be in the “on” position. Essentially it would be in an environment with multiple power outages each day.

Sorry if I’m not following you. The outlet is plugged in all the time, if you leave it on, it will stay on. I’m not familiar with your ink bird switch. But if you currently just plug it in and it heats or cools as needed. Then if you plug it into a smart switch that can measure power and energy you can look at the history of power and energy.

Right, so on the event of a power outage (which will be about every two hours) will the smart plug automatically switch back to the “on” position without an “event” triggering it?

Why are you losing power every two hours?

I have that plug and just tried a test for you. I turned it on, unplugged it (to simulate a power outage)- waited 10 seconds and plugged it back in. It retained the on status.

Thanks, I appreciate it, I’ll give it a shot, I’m sure if it doesn’t work I can find another use around the house.

The lack of electicity is how the inkbird works. My cooling fans, aquarium heaters, and hot water solenoids are “on” all the time. So depending on if the temp gets to high or to low depends on what outlet receives electricity until the appropriate temprature is hit then it kills power. So basically if the temperature doesn’t drop the outlet wont be receiving any power.