“I’m Back” timing against intrusion alerts for opening garage?

A few days old to my setup, excited to be part of this community. I’m set so IF everyone is away the house is armed. IF anyone returns it should disarm. Today the opening of my garage triggered an intrusion alert and 10 seconds later it recognized my return. What is the best way to delay alerts to allow my location to register?

I hadn’t noticed this occurred until hour later when a reminder “intrusion” alert was sent. I’d also be curious if there is a way to dismiss alerts when events are so close to each other such as my return within XX amount of time.

My settings are all under the Smart Home Monitor > Security which doesn’t appear to have any exception rules.

Date Source Viewed Text
2016-12-02 3:54:41.393 PM CST - 1 hour ago APP The Door - Garage Front is closed.
2016-12-02 3:54:10.579 PM CST - 1 hour ago APP I disarmed the security system.
2016-12-02 3:54:10.552 PM CST - 1 hour ago APP Performing “I’m Back!” for you as requested, because zAndroid - Robert arrived
2016-12-02 3:54:00.867 PM CST - 1 hour ago APP Door - Garage Front intrusion detected.