I lost all hue

So today smarthings stopped corresponding with my hue bridge. I can do everything jn the native hue app and I can change colors in ST but I cannot turn off or on or run my routines now. Anyone else going through this.


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Sounds like my cable company. Is this relevant to my issue? It’s out of the norm for weird things that go wrong.

I’ve already accused everyone I live with…did you turn OFF the lights or mess with them? lol

Same here. All of my Hue lights are down via ST. Still works with the Hue app though. Just started within the last few hours

Well I’m glad I’m not crazy but I went all crazy and deleted all my core pistons because I thought that was the problem, lol oh well I like reconstructing. I hope this or I can figure this out before I get a glass of water at midnight, pretty sure by now I wouldn’t know where or what switch it takes to physically turn on a light in my house. It’s a curse.

Lol now after jumping the gun and freaking out, deleting routines and pistons, everything is now fine… lol fml.