I keep getting error message trying to add guest code to schlage lock

I have 3 identical Schlage Connect locks. 2 work perfectly, but the third will not allow me to add a guest code. I get an error code each time. I can delete codes, but not add them.

I have reset the hub, changed batteries, cleared our old codes, and not sure what to do next.

Thank you for any help!

  • have you run z-wave repair?
  • what Edge driver is it using?
  • distance of the lock from the hub?

I recommend installing @phil30 z-wave lock PH Edge driver. channel invite to install the driver can be found here: Channel Invitation . Many find this community developed driver works better with many z-wave locks. If by chance, you can not add this driver to your lock, you can contact the developer to add the fingerprint of your lock and he can add it.

You may want to look at installing repeaters for the locks: Repeaters for z-wave locks

Last - I try to tell folks to NOT reset their hub when a device is not working. It leads to more work to get everything set back up and in many cases will not resolve the issue. You should always ask questions on the forum or contact ST support directly. :slight_smile:


PH worked perfectly! Thank you so very much!!