I have some questions [SmartSense Multi Sensor]



I have some technical questions about ‘SmartSense Multi Sensor’

[Question – Cluster]
I know that your Open/Close function cluster ID is the standard (0x0500 - IAS zone)

But, other function cluster ID (0xFC03) is unknown cluster ID.
‘0xFC03’ is custom cluster ID?

  • Debug information
    (ep 02, clus 0xFC03 (Unknown clus. [0xFC03]) mfgId 110A FC 1D seq 09 cmd 05 payload[0F 00 1F 00 09 FC ])

Does anyone know this question?
Could you tell me more information about custom cluster ID (0xFC03)?
(Attribute ID, data format, etc.)

Sincerely, BR.