I have hive thermostat but for all other automation should i go to smartthings (UK)

Hi newbie into home automation. I am getting hive heating set up next week and am thinking should I then stick with hive for other products like lights and plugs, or should I also get smarthings so then I have more options. Also if I am to go down the smarthings route, which outlets would you recommend I am in the uk.

Many thanks

Hi taylor0389, welcome to the SmartThings forum!

It really depends on your requirements from a smart home. If you want a few outlets and some basic functionality, then I’d just bolt that onto Hive (since you’ve already got it.) It’ll keep everything simple and you can always get support from a single place.

Just be aware that you might outgrow it. I suppose the good thing is that if/when that time ever comes, you can just throw SmartThings into the mix on top of it.

Hope that helps.

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thankyou for your reply, its a tough one for me with having the hive hub I think I am daft, but then on the other hand I think having the smarthings would future proof.

I See myself using a lot of smart plugs but feel the hive plugs are expensive to have a load of them. I see people mentioning the cheaper option of ones like the ikea plugs which makes me sway towards getting the smarthings

No worries.

Yeah the Ikea plugs are incredibly cheap, and they seem to work quite well. My big issue with them is that they don’t have any manual control on them. So if you need to switch one on without your phone nearby, you can’t. Most of the previous outlets I’ve used have a small button that you can press to manually toggle. They also don’t meter the power consumption.

Of course if you don’t need/want a manual control or consumption monitoring then it’s not a big issue. But my personal approach is to ALWAYS keep manual overrides wherever possible, in case of connectivity issues. (With outlets I guess you can always just unplug the device and plug it back in without the outlet in an emergency.)

If I was in your shoes, I’d do the following:

  1. Get your Hive installed
  2. Download SmartThings
  3. Integrate Hive with SmartThings (you don’t need a hub for that, it’s cloud to cloud)
  4. Use it for a little while, see how you like it
  5. Add a hub to do more if/when you’re ready

That way, you’ve got nothing to lose. Or just buy a hub and a few devices anyway. if you don’t like it you can always return them.

PS. Just be aware that the Hive integration isn’t official, it’s a community developed one and installing it isn’t as straight forward as official integrations. Lots of info on here though.