I have a my shop and my home separated 5km

I have a my shop and my home separated 5km
At my shop installation:
1 Hub
1 Motion sensor

At my home installation
1 Hub
1 Alarm
How can I programming: When motion detection alarm is active. Thanks


Does each hub have its own SmartThings account?

Or are they two locations on one SmartThings account?


Two locations use one SmarttThings account.



OK, this would actually be easier if they were two completely different smart things accounts. The reason is that a smart app or routine cannot use devices from two different locations. But most โ€œman in the middleโ€ methods wonโ€™t work with more than one location from a single ST account.

For example, if these were two completely different ST accounts:

  1. when the motion sensor triggers, send an email to a Gmail account that belongs to the other building.

  2. when an IFTTT account belonging to The building with the siren received that email, trigger the siren.

This could have some delay of a few minutes. You would have to test to see if it was acceptable because the IFTTT delay varies for different accounts.

If you can send an SMS text to IFTTT in step one instead, those are typically processed very quickly. Faster than anything else.

Unfortunately, though, that is not your situation. If everything is under one ST account we have a problem that IFTTT can only see one location. This method might work, but only if your IFTTT Account can see the location with the siren. If it can only see the location with the motion sensor, you canโ€™t make this method work.


Thank you, It helped me a lot.
But I have new problem.
I can not programming: When motion detection in 7pm(this day) to 5am(next day) then alarm is active.

Help me, thanks.


I think the device to see together and maybe coding on one account.
(see each other)

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