I have a device that randomly turns itself on and I can't figure out why

So I have a device that randomly turns itself on during the day. I’ve checked ALL of my automations, scenes, and smartapps. From what I can tell, nothing is triggering it. When I look in the IDE, it looks like it’s somehow triggering itself. The device is a plug-in dual-outlet switch, and only one of the outlets is doing this.

Has anyone had this happen to them before? How did you fix it?

What is the device type for this?
Also, In the ide event list, you can click the event and it might provide some additional details.
Is it possible a physical button was pressed to turn it on?

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Do you have the Classic App installed? If so, then the best way to tell what did what is to go into the Classic App-Device Tile and check Recent and what SmartApps the device is tied to.

The New App does not have this ability and it’s really a bummer.

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The device type is “Z-Wave Binary Switch Endpoint”. The details for the event in the IDE are screenshotted in my OP. It’s behind a bookshelf, so there’s no way the button could be pressed. The ST classic app only says “Device was turned on 11:45am”. The SmartApps tab says “No Installed SmartApps”.

i would remove it and then re-pair it.

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