I got handshake_failure as result of httpGet(). Help!

Hi, all

I am a newbie in SmartApp and trying to combine my home’s IoT environment to ST .
I wrote simple “My first SmartApp” calls httpGet() to my home’s IoT provider’s server.

Code is very simple but I got "javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure "

Of course I can connect server by Browers(firefox, chrome, Internet Explorer) and curl in shell also working well.

def paramsTemp = [
uri: “https://center.hdc-smart.com”,
path: “/”,

try {
httpGet(paramsTemp) { resp ->
resp.headers.each {
log.debug “{it.name} : {it.value}”
log.debug “response contentType: ${resp.contentType}”
} catch (e) {
log.debug “something went wrong: $e”

Help me please~

Hello goguma,

Thanks for letting us know about this, if you could please create a support ticket here, just so we can have an internal record of this and improve our documentation accordingly, we (Developer Support Team) will be grateful.

Best regards.