I got a new phone. Smartthings app isn't recognizing my already working smartthings hub

I want to add a new device but smartthings isn’t recognizing my hub and is making me reset it to reconnect. I’m afraid of I do this I will have to re-add all of my already connected devices. How can I log into smartthings so that it recognizes my active/established smart home?

On your favorites screen, click on the menu in the upper left of the screen and select Manage locations and check if you have more than one. If yes, select the other location and see if your hub and devices show.

I am also having the same issue as OP. When I go to manage locations, there is nothing to select. However, I can login to the api.graph and see my location and create new ones. Called ST support and he sorta shrugged and said I would have to start over and reset the hub. Anyone have traction on this? I wonder if there is Google sign-in interference.

I don’t believe there is a google sign in option anymore for the ST app. Try using your samsung account.

I’ve done that, no success.

You are using the same login credentials that you are using for api.gragh?