I don't own any ST products yet..but.i have questions

  1. Can the Smarthings motion sensors be armed? For instance to turn on a light if motion is detected but only between 5pm and 10 pm?

Are there any compatible devices that can sense when they are moved? (Not the two piece door open/close sensor) for instance setting a sensor on a counter and moving it with my hand to turn on WEMO LED’s? and then turning them back off? Does the Aeotec Gen5 6-in-1 do this? Is there lag time if I use it to toggle on and off WEMO LED’s?

Can outlet switches be put on a timer? For instance anything that’s plugged in, be switched off after a pre-determined amount of hours?

I’m exploring my capabilities before I purchase.


Yes to all questions but 1. You don’t arm sensors in ST, you arm the system.

Some searches in this community will net you a lot of great info while you wait for responses. :smile:


What if I don’t want to arm EVERYTHING at the same time? For instance, I want a lamp in my living to turn on when motion is detected between 5pm and 10pm, but not one in my kitchen between 5pm and 10pm? (both would operate on different motion sensors.)

And do I understand you correctly that the AEOtec Gen 5 6-in-1 detects being moved? any other sensors do that?

Thank you.

For basic “Motion here turns on Light here” you will not even need to arm the system. Lighting rules can be set up per room or even per light bulb. You can use more than one motion to trigger a light and you can trigger multiple lights with one motion.


I have my porch lights trigger on motion after sunset.
I have hue lights in the living room trigger on motion with white light between sunrise and sunset, and then they comer on with a warmer light after sunset.

You can do that with the stock Smart Lighting app.

I don’t know of any other sensors that have all of those in one package. The ST multi has contact, temperature, and acceleration.

Some other systems work on the concept of putting the individual device, like the sensor, into “armed” or disarmed" status.

Instead, SmartThings let’s you control when to activate the rules that decide what to do when the sensor alert is received.

For example, I have three “modes” for my house. Day, Night, and Asleep.

I have a motion sensor in the bedroom.

If that sensor detects motion when the house is in Day mode, it’s just ignored. Nothing happens.

If the sensor detects motion when the house is in night mode (which I start automatically 15 minutes before sunset), the overhead light comes on.

Once I actually go to bed, I change the mode for the house to asleep. Then if the same sensor detects motion, the overhead light does not come on. Instead a softer night light on the wall comes on.

In the morning, the house automatically changes to “day” mode again.

There are many different ways in SmartThings to control what event will follow a motion sensor detecting motion. This way I can use the same sensor for multiple purposes. :sunglasses:

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Contact and acceleration in one sensor is definitely unusual. :sunglasses: But the ST doesn’t have humidity or Lux.

Kumo’s acceleration sensor has temperature and humidity, but not contact or PIR motion.

The Fibaro multi sensor does have a “tamper alert” which tells you if it was moved, as well as motion detection, accelerometer, lux, and temperature. But not humidity or contact.

So different products have different features, it just comes down to what you need for each placement. :sunglasses: