I changed my location name and push notifications still show the old location name but the new hub name

I moved house recently and changed my location name in the new app via the Ellipsis menu on the right (dots), choosing “Manage location”. I changed the Location name to Home (from Edmonds condo) and updated the address. When viewed in the IDE, this changed both the location name (Home) and hub name (Home Hub).

Since then, push notifications (for things like door/window opened, door unlocked, etc.) still show the old location (Edmonds condo rather than Home). At one point I had a suspicion that all of the “bad” notifications were coming from Custom Monitors (which were all migrated from the classic app), but I have re-created all of them that use push notifications, and the problem persists.

Some of the notifications I am getting (such as when the hub comes online) include the location and hub. However, while the hub name is correct (Home Hub), the location name is the old one (Edmonds condo rather than Home).

Support has taken a look and can’t find any references to Edmonds condo anywhere. Of course I don’t know how they looked, my guess is they didn’t do a database query. I have followed all the usual debug steps - reinstall the app (seriously?), power-cycle the hub (why? this is a back-end problem). All those steps were taken before I re-set up the Custom Monitors (under SmartApps in the new app).

I only have one home, so this is presumably not the problem some people have after doing the migration where they end up with an extra home (although I guess this could be related).

What else have I missed? Am I doomed to be forever taunted by the name of my old home?

Thanks … Mike

If using automations to send the push notifications, try removing and recreating one and test it. It may be you just need to redo them. Worth a shot. Also would not hurt rebooting your hub.

Thanks for the response @jkp

The notifications are not coming from automations, they are from SmartApps > Custom Monitors (all of which had been migrated from the classic app). I re-created them all, as well as doing the the usual hub reboot and app uninstall/reinstall, and also contacted support, before asking here.

That said, the problem seems to have fixed itself overnight. Not sure if support found something or not.

Thanks again … Mike